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High T with Old Waver – July 2020

HTWOW JULY 2020 prize

Dave and Toby bring you HTWOW live from La Quarantina – the drunkest lockdown backyard bar in Dallas. Check out the hot new summertime jams, enjoy all the overserved hijinks and find out how you can win an awesome prize pack from Premier Grilling!


HTWOW July 2020 Cover

2 thoughts on “High T with Old Waver – July 2020”

  1. Was listening to the latest HTWOW pod from July while deep cleaning my house (after my son and husband contracted covid-19 and have been so sick) and it’s always a great listen but this one made me actually feel better. Music is medicine and you guys bring a little bit of medicine to this tired, quarantined momma every month. Thank you for the monthly intro to great tunes, and new (to me) bands. I truly enjoy going back thru a bands catalogue and adding my favorites to a Spotify playlist for later. Keep it up boys.


    1. So wonderful to hear. Glad to keep you company as you nurse your family back to health.

      don’t forget, we have a Spotify playlist too!


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